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Nephras (Poland)

Aliases names: Nephras BR-2 gasoline overshoe Product name: bensene-solvent S2-80 / TC 120 38.401-67-108-92 chemical formula: a mixture of petrol petroleum fractions and aromatics applications: - As a solvent for dilution special

oil and bituminous paints, enamels and varnishes - In the manufacture of rubber adhesives and mastics different - for degreasing electrical equipment, textiles, skin color before - for washing metal products Specification: Description Standard GOST 1. Appearance colorless, transparent liquid 2. Density at 20 ° C g / cm 3 0.700 * 3. Fractional composition: - initial boiling point, ° C, not below 80 - 98% is distilled at a temperature, ° C, not exceeding 110 4. Remaining in the flask after distillation, max% 5. bromine number of 1.00 g / 100 cm3, not more than 0,02 6. Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons,%, max 1,5 7. Mass fraction of sulfur,%, max 1,5 Packing: metal barrels, cans. Storage: in open and closed areas, away from heat and fire. Hazard class: 3 class

Розроблений: WSBI