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Dissolves large number of natural and synthetic resins. Good mixed with many organic solvents, including with alcohol, ketones, esters and glycols. It promotes the spreading and leveling coatings. Because of this property is often used in varnishes on wood.

Because of low toxicity and pleasant smell of fruit propilatsetat used in the perfume industry. He is a member of aerosols, personal care products, nail polish, etc. Propilatsetat widely used as a solvent in printing and flexographic printing special colors. It is used to adjust the speed of drying fleksokrasok.

Synonyms Title: H-propylovыy alcohol, 1-propanol

Product name: n-Propanol

CAS № 71-23-8

Hymycheskaya formula: C3H8O


N-propanol yspolzuetsya in kachestve

rastvorytelya and the chemical promezhutochnoho

product. Basic Application:

fleksohrafycheskaya seal ink types and others

for the press.


Naymenovanye indicators Norm

External view Bestsvetnaya prozrachnaya fluid

Density at 20 ° C g / cm3 0,803-0,805

Temperature 23 ° C Flash Light

Indicator prelomlenyya 1,385

Content of water,%, no more than 0.1

Packaging: Metallic barrels of 208 liters.

Storage: Hranyt suhom in place.

Danger Class: 3 class.

Розроблений: WSBI