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Isopropanol absolute

(2-propanol, propane-2-ol, isopropanol, dymetylkarbinol) CH3CH (OH) CH3 - simple secondary aliphatic monofunctional. Refers to chemicals 3rd class of hazard (moderately hazardous substances) the degree of influence on the body, has a narcotic effect.

MAC for isopropanol vapor in the air is 10 mg / m³. Isopropyl alcohol poisoning occurs as a result of inhalation of vapors containing concentrations exceeding the MPC, has cumulative properties. Consumption of even small doses cause poisoning. It is widely used as a solvent in industry and industrial alcohol in glass cleaners, office and others.

The basic amount of isopropyl alcohol is used to produce acetone, but it is reduced by serious competition from kumolnoho production method acetone.

Isopropanol circulated as a solvent for fats, natural and synthetic resins, nitrovarnish (in combination with other solvents), alkaloids, proteins, chlorophyll and other substances. It is used as a component of detergents (liquid soap).

Along with the application for the synthesis of acetone, isopropyl alcohol is used for the synthesis of various esters (eg, isopropyl acetate - solvent paints) to enter the isopropyl group to other compounds (thymol, izopropilfenol). Xanthate isopropyl alcohol is an important flotation agent. Izopropilaty aluminum is used for the recovery of aldehydes method Meyerveyna-Ponndorfa.

Isopropanol replaces alcohol in many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, it is suitable only for outdoor use such disinfection. Its application to medicine and food is prohibited.

A large number of isopropyl alcohol is used to improve fuel quality as a fuel additive. In the carburettor engine at temperatures from -8 to +13 ° C and relative humidity of 60-100% icing can occur, making it difficult to launch and switch off the engine. To eliminate this undesirable phenomenon just add fuel to 1.5-3% isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropanol is used to prevent icing of aircraft wings and propellers, and a mixture of ethylene glycol and isopropyl alcohol eliminates start-icing tracks and runways naaerodromah.

Aliases names: isopropanol, secondary propyl alcohol Product Name: Isopropyl alcohol, 2-propanol, propyl alcohol secondary GOST 9805-84 CAS № 67-63-0 Chemical formula: (CH3) 2SNON application: - as a solvent in paint, perfume and cosmetics , pharmaceutical and chemical industries; - For the production of acetone, isopropyl ester, isopropylamine, izopropilksantohenata and some other organic products; - How extractant oils, natural resins and natural rubber latex; - As icing and antifreeze; - As solvent cellulose ethers; - How degreasing and cleaning agent; - As the coolant in the cooling machines; - How alkylating agent; - How yntermedyat the synthesis of a number of pharmaceutical products; Specification: Description Standard GOST 1. Appearance colorless transparent liquid 2. Mass fraction of main substance,%, not less than 99.7 3. Density at 20 ° C g / cm3, not less than 0,785 4. Mass fraction of water,% not more than 0,2 5. Mass fraction of acids in recalculation on uksunoy,%, not more than 0,0007 6. Mass fraction of acetone,%, not more than 0.03 Packing: evrokuby, metal barrels. Storage: outdoors under a canopy and closed areas, away from open flames. Hazard class: 3 class.

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