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White spirit 180/220 D-60

Synonyms Title: neftyanoy rastvorytel, white spirit, Stoddard rastvorytel

Product name: Petroleum distillate S4 155/200

Hymycheskaya formula: Mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons fractions from C7 to C12

CAS number 8052-41-3


Prymenyaetsya for razbavlenyya krasok of oil,

enamel and lacquer, as well as lakokrasochnыh

materials, primers, and olyfы bytumnыh



Naymenovanye indicators Norm

External view Bestsvetnaya prozrachnaya fluid

Density at 20 ° C g / cm3 0.79

Temperature 33 ° C Flash Light

Kypenyya beginning temp, ° C, 160 Above

10% perehonyaetsya at temperature, ° C, 170 Above

90% perehonyaetsya at temperature, ° C, 195 Above

Packaging: Metallic barrels of 208 liters, kanystrы.

Storage: Hranyt suhom in place.

Danger Class: 3 class of danger.

Synonyms Title: Nephras C4 - 155/205

Product name: white spirit

TU 0251-001-77711740-2007 CAS № 8052-41-3

Hymycheskaya formula: C10,5H21,0


- The drying oil production and lakokrasochnыh

s basis for materials and production in

sykkatyvov for s transportyrovky

- For obezzhyryvanyya surfaces, promыvky

parts and razbavlenyya

- The production bytumnыh, and rezynobytumnыh

slantsevыh mastics

- A universal razbavytelya at kachestve

works on repair of premises


Naymenovanye indicators norm TU

1. External view prozrachnaya bestsvetnaya fluid

2. Density at 20 ° C g / cm3 0.790

3. Fraktsyonnыy structure:

- Principles distillation temperature, ° C, 155 Above

- 98% perehonyaetsya at temperature, ° C not normyruetsya

- The end kypenyya temperature, ° C, 215 Above

4. Massovaya fate aromatic hydrocarbons,%, no more than 18

5. Massovaya fate acids pereschete on uksusnuyu acid,%, no more than 0,004

6. Massovaya fate serы3%, not more than 0.01

7. Content vodorastvorymыh acids and alkalis,%, no more than absence

8. Content of water and mechanical impurities,%, no more than absence

9. trials on copper plates vыderzhyvaet

10. The volatility in xylene not normyruetsya

Packaging: Metallic barrels kanystrы.

Storage: the otkrыtыh sites pod carelessly and at zakrыtыh platforms, successfully from sources of heat and fire otkrыtoho.

Danger Class: 3 class.

Розроблений: WSBI