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Xylene (o-xylene)

Aliases name: 1,2-dimetilbenzol
Product name: o-xylene, 1,2-xylene
TU 38.101254-72E of ism. 1-8 CAS № 95-47-6
Chemical formula: S8N10

- The production of phthalic anhydride.
- The production of phthalic acid.
- Solvent varnishes, paints, mastics,
High-additive to motor
Description Standard GOST
1. Appearance colorless liquid
2. Density at t ° 20 ° C g / cm3 0,878-0,880
3. Temperature limits of distillation from 5 to 95% ° C, 0.4
4. crystallization temperature ° C, not lower - 25.5
5. Content of the basic substance,% mol., Not less than 99.20
6. bromine number of grams of bromine in 100 ml ortoksilola not more than 0.180
Packing: metal drums, canisters.
Storage: outdoors under a canopy and enclosed areas away from heat, avoiding
direct sunlight.
Hazard class: 3 class.

Розроблений: WSBI