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Synonyms Title: methylbenzene

Product name: toluene

GOST: 14710-78 amended. 1-5 CAS № 108-88-3

Hymycheskaya formula: S6N5SN3


- A production road krasok,

nytrotsellyuloznыh lacquer and enamel marks SC;

- As Primary component composition Included

mixed rastvoryteley (R-4, R-4A, R-5A,


- The production vzrыvchatыh substances


- Especially in the production of toluene chystыh brands -


- In the perfumery industry kosmetycheskoy

in kachestve rastvorytelya and razbavytelya;

- In kachestve additives for vыsokooktanovыh

motornыm fuel.


Naymenovanye indicators Norm

1. External view prozrachnaya bestsvetnaya fluid

2. Massovaya fate of the main substance,%, not less than 99.7

3. Density at 20 ° C g / cm3 0.867

4. Predelы distillation 98% by obъemu

(Including temperature kypenyya pure toluene 110,6 ° C), ° C, no more than 0.3

5. Massovaya fate impurities,%, no more than 0.03

- Nearomatycheskyh hydrocarbons 0.01

- Benzene 0.02

- Aromatic hydrocarbons C8 traces

6. Coating of sulfuric acid, the number obraztsovoy shkalы, no more than 0.05

7. trials on copper plates vыderzhyvaet

8. The reaction vodnoy vыtyazhky neytralnaya

9. Ysparyaemost ysparyaetsya no remnant

10. Global Massovaya fate of sulfur,%, not more than 0.00015

Packaging: Metallic barrels kanystrы.

Storage: the otkrыtыh sites pod carelessly and at zakrыtыh platforms, successfully as sources otkrыtoho

flame. Pozharo- vzrыvoopasen, toksychen.

Danger Class: 3 class.

Розроблений: WSBI