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Butanol-1 (n-butanol, n-butyl alcohol) C4H9OH - Representative monofunctional. There are the normal primary butyl alcohol CH 3 (CH 2) 3ON and its isomers, normal secondary butyl alcohol SN3SN2SN (OH) CH3, izobutilovyy alcohol (CH3) 2SNSN2ON, tretbutylovoho alcohol (trimetilkarbinol) (CH3) 3SON.

Physical properties

2 Metilpropanol-1 (izobutilovyy alcohol, isobutanol) - alcohol with the formula (CH3) 2CHCH2OH, colorless, flammable liquid with a characteristic odor. Mainly used as a solvent.

Industrial getting metilpropanola 2-1 is reduced to the use of three methods:

hidroformilirovaniya propene (oksosyntez)

Dissolves large number of natural and synthetic resins. Good mixed with many organic solvents, including with alcohol, ketones, esters and glycols. It promotes the spreading and leveling coatings. Because of this property is often used in varnishes on wood.

(2-propanol, propane-2-ol, isopropanol, dymetylkarbinol) CH3CH (OH) CH3 - simple secondary aliphatic monofunctional. Refers to chemicals 3rd class of hazard (moderately hazardous substances) the degree of influence on the body, has a narcotic effect.

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